Have you read your book
And thinking back in time
When a day lasted
At least a month in mind
Dont know about you but I really thought I had a clue
But the more I know the less I do

Read my diary tonight
Including my first kiss
Read my diary
Embarrassing it is
I read the words of love
And I loved so sincere
Young hearts can really care

Will I grow old on this night
Will I learn from these words that I write
Can I believe in this
Can I achieve from this

Every perfect day
Brings sorrows to a few
And every million dollar man
Has some worries too
And every everlasting night
Has a morning too
But that's just something I've heard

And every mother used to be a daughter too
And if I become one
I hope I wont forget
I'll find my diary
And read and not regret
The things a daughter do

Heidi Marie Vestrheim

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17.04.2007 kl.12:46

Skikkelig hrlig!! :)

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